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We are very excited about our new release titled Critical. It's a pretty timely song based on the world that we now find ourselves in. Thanks everyone for supporting us and we hope you enjoy the new tune.

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Our Song "A Thousand Angels" is dedicated to The First Responders/Medical Professionals and all those on the front lines of The Covid-19 Pandemic.  You are multiple Thousands of Angels all over the globe and we love and appreciate you!  The song is available here and on all your favorite Download/Streaming Sites. We hope this song brings a little calm during this storm...  Stay Safe.


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Whats up everyone?

Just a heads up on whats coming.  We are excited to say that our next release will be a song called "Zero".  We are putting the very final touches on the mix and it is sounding incredible! I'ts a song of hope and it is another uptempo rocking tune like our new release "Critical".  Then we figured we would let you know a few of the other song titles that we are close to finishing up.   The song titles include...

1. Zero

2. Silvertongue

3. Rise

4. Bleeding

5. Anthony (A Tribute) 

We are really excited and the future is incredibly bright!  Stay posted and we will let you know when the next song drops. 





Hi Guys,

We hope everyone is ok. We are excited to release our 2nd tune called "Critical".  We hope you guys really like it. It's available on all the sites to stream or purchase. We would like to say thanks to our good friend George Neal from Sonic Asylum Radio.  George's Show is on Friday evenings starting at 8pm.  He has been a big supporter of ours and has been playing our music weekly and we really appreciate it! George debuted both "A Thousand Angels" and our new release "Critical".  Please tune in on friday evenings at and give our band and George's show your love and support.  Thanks!




Hey Everyone, 

We hope you and your families our doing well. Covid brought the recording process to a screeching halt in 2020, but we are happy to say that we are back at it fast and furious. Thanks for the tremendous feedback from our debut song "A Thousand Angels". We can't wait for you guys to hear the rest of the songs in the works!  Be safe and stay posted because we have lots more to come!


The Members of Crash The Sun


Nothing Scheduled yet.  But God willing when the pandemic ends we will be out there as soon as possible. Keep Checking for updates and if you sign up on our email list we will let you know when things are happening.