Crash The Sun

We are very excited about our new release titled Critical. It's a song based on the world that we now find ourselves in. Thanks everyone for supporting us and we hope you enjoy the new tune.

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This is a song of Hope!   Stay Safe.


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Whats up everyone?

Just a heads up on whats coming.  We figured we would let you know a few of the other song titles that we are close to finishing up.   The song titles include...

1. Zero

2. Bleeding

3. Rise

4. Silvertongue

5. Anthony (A Tribute) 

We are really excited and the future is incredibly bright!  Stay posted and we will let you know when the next song drops. 



Nothing Scheduled yet as we continue to work on more songs to release.  Keep Checking for updates and if you sign up on our email list we will let you know when things are happening.